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with a focus on the Puget Sound
and the drier areas around Cascadia on Turtle Island

I'm on a search for live music that could be described as "Tribal Gypsy Trance Dance" music.

This was how a short-lived band named Devachan described their music. It is a great category of music that a small number of incredible bands have played.

Basically it is live gentle improvisation dance music that sends your heart and body soaring because the band members, the audience, and the world are all interacting with each other.

Some of my most memorable experiences have been outside dancing to music like this. It doesn't matter, rain or sun or anything in between, this is the best. So, if you have any leads to music like this, Please contact me!

Active Musicians

Carolyn Cruso - She plays several instruments and styles, but my favorite is her hammered dulcimer playing in the open air

Freedom Tribe - A great dance band playing inspirational electric tribal rhythms and mystical lyrics

Joules Graves - Experiencing her music fills me with happy energy like no other music; you should really make an effort to see her in person.

Scott Huckabay - He always provides a wonderful freewheeling musical and spiritual experience

Soundings of the Planet - "Peace Through Music" These musicians produce music that fills me with peace and joy whenever I listen to them and it some of the most healing music Iíve heard.

Musicians tending towards the inactive

Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead On-Line Store) - Yes, I know he's not playing locally anymore, but there is now over a hundred hours of his music on CD, including some really amazing concerts. See the home page for information on active band members.


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Last Updated: June 6, 2004