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Song and Drum Circles

To evangelize song circles because the best efforts begin and end with song and drum circles.

See more on song circles in the "Joy" and "Specific Objectives" sections below.

Growing and Sustaining Health

Healthy people can rise to meet incredible challenges, however without health, sometimes merely getting up and leaving home for the day is a crushing problem.

Physical Health

Most people live in a health-negative environment. It is very important to avoid any additional stress to our immune systems.

The 5 substances commonly in our environment that critically stress our immune systems are:
    alcohol,     nicotine,     caffeine,     fragrance,     and natural gas smoke.

Avoiding these substances goes a long ways to getting more value out of our efforts to build our health.

Combining Physical and Spiritual Health

A person's spirit, energy, and physical body are parts of the whole being. When people work to build their health without considering all aspects of the whole being, they will have a very hard time making permanent long-term progress.

As your perspective is widened to include human communities and natural ecosystems along with individuals, you will find that all aspects of health are interdependent with each other. The downside this means nothing can be ignored, but the great upside is improvements in any one area affect all other areas too. This is a wonderful lead into...


Joy is the magic ingredient. Joy is at the root of many miracles. When people and communities are filled with Joy, they sail right through difficult challenges. This is partially due to the positive attitude that Joy induces, but Joy also strengthens health, which does have real practical payoffs.

Joy is magnified when it is shared with others, and the most powerful Joy of all is when a whole group is sharing it together in song and dance. The healing power of song and dance is very overlooked in most of the industrial world. It is hard to feel joy when you feel weak and the world looks dark. Since the song circle can both heal and bring joy, in all circumstances the best path to joy lies though participating in a song circle.

So you will be doing yourself and the world a favor by starting song circles for any old reason, and supporting all the community musical festivals in your region.

Specific Objectives

Above and beyond all other objectives is this:

   Support better access to song and drum circles.

The strongest and most lasting solutions start and finish with song and drum circles. Communities sustained with strong lasting solutions are very long-lived communities.

Since song and drum circles help empower all other efforts, and they seem most neglected of all objectives listed here, they are the obvious choice to focus on.

For more information about my beliefs in these areas, read these pages:
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Last Updated: July 21, 2001